Car Maintenance


Keeping up with your vehicle maintenance can be easily overlooked. However, there can cause serious problems if you are not staying up to date on your car’s maintenance schedule. Use this list to help you keep you vehicle up to date.

-Air Filter





-Engine oil




-Oil filter

-Power steering fluid

-Shock absorbers


-Transmission fluid

-Washer fluid

-Wiper blades

Use your owners manual to get the right items your vehicle needs, or take it to the service specialist at Bill Pierre Chevrolet. Getting a thorough inspection is the best route to ensure you do not miss anything.

Another way to keep you car well-maintained is to wash it frequently. Regular washing and waxing helps maintain your car’s value as well as appearance. Vehicles with oxidized paint or a rusty body cannot be economically restored.

Failing to take care of your vehicle by having it regularly maintained can have negative effects–High expenses, Accidents and Severe damage.

Keep your car up to speed with its maintenance on a regular basis! Those who treat their vehicles well and commit to routine maintenance end up saving money in addition to enjoying their car for much longer.

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