Clean your car the right way

It might seems simple to wash your car by just soaking it, soap it up, wash it off and dry. But did you know that you may be damaging the exterior? There are precautions to use when washing your car so that you don’t damage the exterior. Use these tips to clean your car with care.

  1. Use a mild car wash soap- Never use a kitchen or household liquid detergent to wash your car as these products can damage your car’s paint finish. Use a designated soap for a car wash to get an unwanted damage finish.
  1. Wash Your Car in the Shady cool area- This is so that the sun doesn’t dry the areas you just soaped up.
  1. Make sure to pre-soak- spray the body surface with water to soak the film of dirt, dust and grime that has accumulated on the paint finish. By leaving the water to soak for a minute or two, much of the dirt will easily float off the car when you go to sponge it clean.
  1. Rinse the bottom of the car- While the top of the car is soaking, get beneath the car and rinse off the dirt, mud and debris from all of the underbody areas: inside fenders, above and below the exhaust system hardware, off of the underpan area, etc. Don’t forget those potential dirt “hiding” spots behind bumpers, too.
  1. Use a large car wash sponge or washing mitt- Remember to rinse the sponge/mitt regularly to rid it of dirt the can accumulate and scratch the paint — and also rub the sponge gently as you work the suds over the body surface. Work from the roof and windows down, hood to trunk and upper-to-lower sides. It’s a good idea to give a quick scrub to the headlights and other light lenses while your on the front and back sections, too.
  1. Rinse and dry- Allowing the water to dry on the body paint surface will frequently leave a spotty film, as it’s difficult to completely eliminate soap with just the spray rinse. So, It’s best to use a large chamois to wipe down the entire paint surface — wringing the chamois as you go — so that no areas are left to “air dry.”
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