Used 2006 Mercedes-Benz E 350


  • Mileage: 116,254
  • Exterior Color: Black
  • Stock: 994
  • VIN: WDBUF87J76X203981
  • Interior Color: Black Leather
  • Fuel: Unknown
  • Engine: 3.5L
  • Transmission: 5 speed automatic
  • History: Get a CARFAX Report
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Car battery life


On average, a battery will last 3 to 5 years, but driving habits and exposure to extreme elements can shorten the life of your car battery.

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Used 1999 Cadillac Seville STS


  • Mileage: 82,894
  • Exterior Color: Vanilla Pearl
  • Stock: 443
  • VIN: 1G6KY5497XU936968
  • Interior Color: Beige Leather
  • Fuel: Unknown
  • Engine: 4.6L V8
  • Transmission: 4 speed automatic
  • Drivetype: FWD
  • History: Get a CARFAX Report
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Rotating tires


Regular rotation helps extend the life of your tires and improve performance. During rotation, each tire and wheel is removed from your vehicle and moved to a different position to ensure that all tires wear evenly and last longer. Tires should be rotated every six months or 6,000 to 8,000 miles.

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Signs of dirty air intake filter


1. Reduction in fuel mileage

One of the first symptoms that an air filter may need replacing is a reduction in fuel mileage. A filter that is highly contaminated with dirt and debris will not be able to filter the air efficiently, and the engine will receive less air as a result. This will reduce the efficiency of the engine and will cause it to use more fuel to move the same distance or speed as would otherwise be required with a clean filter.

2. Decreased engine performance

Another symptom of a dirty air filter is a reduction in engine performance and power. The reduced air intake from a dirty filter will negatively impact the efficiency of the engine. In severe cases, such as with a clogged air filter, the engine may experience a significant reduction in acceleration and total power output.

3. Dirty air filter

The best way to know if an air filter needs to be replaced is by simply taking a look at it. If, when the filter is removed, it appears to be significantly covered in dirt and debris on the intake side, then the filter should be replaced.

Usually, checking the air filter is a relatively simple procedure that can be done on one’s own. But if you do not feel comfortable doing such a task, or it is not a simple procedure (as in some case with European vehicles), have it checked by a professional technician, such as one from YourMechanic. If needed, they will be able to replace your air filter and restore proper performance and fuel efficiency to your vehicle.

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2005 Volvo S40 2.4i


  • Mileage: 98,077
  • Exterior Color: Salsa Red
  • Stock: 2007
  • VIN: YV1MS390352098804
  • Interior Color: Black
  • Fuel: Unknown
  • Engine: 2.4L I-5
  • Transmission: automatic
  • Drivetype: FWD
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2007 Toyota Camry


  • Mileage: 110,865
  • Exterior Color: Silver Mist
  • Stock: 6522
  • VIN: 4T1BE46K27U716522
  • Interior Color: Dove Gray
  • Fuel: Unknown
  • Engine: 2.4L I-4
  • Transmission: automatic
  • Drivetype: FWD
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